We made a facebook group for our trip. Here is the link and join the group if you are coming to Kincaid!!

Much love,

Mash and Quince


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We CAN’T wait to meet you!!

wow, we really can’t wait to meet all of you! I hope you got through this stressful Sunday morning and that you got some sleep despite the 8am time! Registration filled up in less than 3 minutes – WOW!

We are SO pumped to meet you, and I hope you are, as well. If you ever see Quincy or me on the street, don’t be afraid to holler!

YAY We’re going to Kincaid!! Thanks for choosing our trip – trust me, it will be worth it.

ASB love,

Mash and Quince

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Reg Weekend Kincaid: Quick and Easy Post

Start getting used to views like this...We know you hate to read.  So here’s BUASB Kincaid, the short and sweet version.

1. Only 14 hour van ride (you don’t have to drive if you don’t want to!)


3. We work in a town with extreme financial need.

4. After our regular workday finishes, YOU GET TO PLAY WITH CHILDREN! We work the Labor School’s After School Program.

5. Melissa Grove is our chaperone!

6. INCREDIBLE VIEWS. We work, sleep, eat and live in the heart of the Appalachians.

7. You get to play with US. (Quincy and Masha) for a week. That’s gotta be worth something…

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Low Budget YouTube Vid

Some friendly voluteers (of a totally different program) submitted this fun little glimpse into life in West Virginia and of the ACTUAL site where we are staying.

Check it. WARNING: EXTREMELY LOW QUALITY (not our fault)

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Nuts and Bolts: Kincaid 2011

So, what is this trip all about? What am I gonna do? (imagine that in a slow southern accent) and what makes THIS affordable housing trip different than all the rest?

First off, we build. Our team is prepared to work on whatever type of manual tasks are assigned to us. We could do everything from framing a house, to renovating an old kitchen. Our assignments won’t be given to us until later in the spring. In the meantime here are things we CAN promise you:

  • AMAZING HOUSING. We get set up in a very new dorm with actual BEDS.
  • Access to an industrial sized kitchen means constantly full bellies.
  • Our work day only lasts from 9am till about 4pm.
  • BUT after our manual labor is done, we’ll get to play with local kids who take part in the Southern Appalachian School’s FREE Afterschool Program. This means you get to watch Quincy get demolished by children at sports. Definite perk.
  • We are in the heart of the Appalachians, which means there will be plenty of outdoor fun to be had, specifically hiking.

In summary, ASB Kincaid brings you the ability to hammer nails, play with kids, hike, AND sleep comfortably.



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News on Southern Appalachian Labor School!

Here is an article on the school we will be going to and working at for a large part of the week. Hope this gets you more excited. Because you know what this article means? We’ll probably get to play with kids, too!

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Kincaid Music

This is an artist named David Kincaid! He is an Irish Folk singer that inspires us to think of the beautiful rolling hills of Beards Fork and Kincaid.

Here’s one for the mother country, the Appalachians, I call my home.’s.mp3

the next Billboard #1

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Kincaid, WV: The final FUNtier

Hi there potential ASBer,

We’re here to show off an affordable housing trip that goes beyond your wildest imagination: Kincaid, WV.

First, introductions.  My name is Quincy.  I’m a Junior in COM studying Advertising. I’m no stranger to the great outdoors.  I grew up chopping wood, harvesting syrup and slaughtering animals in the great state of New Hampshire.  As much as I’d like to think all that is true, alas, I identify more with pale gingers than burly loggers.  I’ve been involved with ASB for two years now.  Last year, I was the Fundraising and Donations Committee Chair and had the pleasure of spending my 2010 Spring Break in San Juan, PR working with a homeless shelter that specializes in HIV/AIDs treatment, prevention and awareness raising. This year? I’M GOING TO BUILD HOMES IN KINCAID!

My name is Masha, and I am a sophmore in the school of Hospitality. Yes, it exists! I am also minoring in SMG. Accounting sucks. I am originally from Sudbury, MA – a nice suburb outside of Boston. Unlike Quincy, I identify with white BU kids unlike the Asian stereotype that travel in groups. I love to watch Dexter, go to hockey games, and cheer for the Patriots. I love cheese steaks and anything unhealthy for you. Whether you have gone on ASB, like Quince, or never gone on a trip, like me, then Kincaid is the place to be. If you have any questions, we would love to get to know you! Send us a shout! I hope to meet you this ASB!

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