Nuts and Bolts: Kincaid 2011

So, what is this trip all about? What am I gonna do? (imagine that in a slow southern accent) and what makes THIS affordable housing trip different than all the rest?

First off, we build. Our team is prepared to work on whatever type of manual tasks are assigned to us. We could do everything from framing a house, to renovating an old kitchen. Our assignments won’t be given to us until later in the spring. In the meantime here are things we CAN promise you:

  • AMAZING HOUSING. We get set up in a very new dorm with actual BEDS.
  • Access to an industrial sized kitchen means constantly full bellies.
  • Our work day only lasts from 9am till about 4pm.
  • BUT after our manual labor is done, we’ll get to play with local kids who take part in the Southern Appalachian School’s FREE Afterschool Program. This means you get to watch Quincy get demolished by children at sports. Definite perk.
  • We are in the heart of the Appalachians, which means there will be plenty of outdoor fun to be had, specifically hiking.

In summary, ASB Kincaid brings you the ability to hammer nails, play with kids, hike, AND sleep comfortably.



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